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It's National Credit Union Youth Week!

It's National Credit Union Youth Week! By Kelly Twedell
Published April 19, 2010
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Credit Unions nationwide are spotlighting National Credit Union Youth Week from April 18-24, 2010. Various celebrations will feature seminars, prizes, articles and tips on today’s youth and their spending and saving habits. There are a plethora of books and resources aimed for adults when it comes to financial balance and responsibility, but not nearly the same importance has been placed on educating the younger generation about financial security. Credit Unions world wide will unite in the month of April to raise awareness on this important issue to help get kids on the right track early in life. Some tips from the National Credit Union Association provide some guidance for parents to aid their children at various stages in their life when it comes to learning about money.
  • Age 5 and under - Teach children how to count money and start off with giving them change to spend when out shopping.
  • Ages 5 through 10 - Creatively introduce the idea of saving through providing three containers labeled: ‘Save’, ‘Spend’, and ‘Share’. Set goals with your kids and reinforce saving through spending when a goal is met. Set a weekly allowance to begin money management understanding.
  • Ages 11 through 14 - Help your child realize their earning potential with odd jobs around the neighborhood for others. Use shopping as a tool to teach children about the value of things and how to be a savvy shopper through cost comparison, sales, etc.
  • Ages 15 through 18 - Map out long-term savings goals with large expenses beyond what you normally would provide for them. Give them a sense of responsibility as they earn and save toward those goals. Introduce sound habits and ideas for tracking money and budgeting to responsible teens that will carry over when they are ready to open a share draft/checking account or to obtain a debit card tied to their share draft account.
The National Youth Credit Challenge takes place during the month of April, in conjunction with National Credit Union Youth Week, and is a great opportunity to get youth to open new accounts and deposit their money. Encourage them to sign up. Last year’s goal 139,000 youth deposited more than $26 million. Ask your credit union to see if they affiliated with the program to get started.

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