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The Main Office location is 1 of 7 locations. CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union has been open since 1944. It's the 24th largest credit union in Virginia with assets totaling $507.15 Million and providing banking services to more than 37,000 members as of December 2022.
Membership: The credit union is a member-owned financial cooperative providing financial banking services to multiple member groups, but primarily serves the military, i.e. members in the armed forces. Membership is also open to immediate family of current members.

Main Office

4875 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22304
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CommonWealth One Federal Credit Union Reviews
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Open Today - December 9, 2022:
Lobby Hours:
   8:30 am - 6:00 pm
Phone Number:
(703) 650-4003
Mailing Address:
CommonWealth One FCU
PO Box 9997
Alexandria, VA 22304

Main Office Hours

Lobby Hours

8:30 am - 5:30 pm
8:30 am - 5:30 pm
8:30 am - 5:30 pm
8:30 am - 5:30 pm
8:30 am - 6:00 pm
9:00 am - 2:00 pm

CommonWealth One FCU Main Office Reviews

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Main Office
4875 Eisenhower Avenue Alexandria, Virginia
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Recent Reviews
Charissa Mobley
March 19, 2022

Review StarsReview StarsReview StarsReview StarsReview Stars
This bank is unorganized and poorly run! If it’s not the app it’s digital banking. If it isn’t digital banking it’s debit cards being cancelled without notice. If it isn’t debit cards it’s issues getting statements. If it isn’t issues getting statements it’s staff not providing correct or vital information. A staff member failing to provide me accurate or vital information has caused a loan default for a person who had a 100% excellent payment record and 800+ credit score prior. Yes, I’m upset. But I should have known when I saw the bank getting served by a process server.
February 14, 2022

Review StarsReview StarsReview StarsReview StarsReview Stars
Horrible follow-up, one too many bad experiences here. Packing my things to leave this bank!
June 26, 2021

Review StarsReview StarsReview StarsReview StarsReview Stars
I’ve been a member for a while now and haven’t really had any big complaints... UNTIL NOW. I don’t know who in their right mind would cut off EVERYONES debit cards at once. Did you think about the people who may not of received the new card? Or the people who are out of town? I have deposits coming every Wednesday and you guys made me miss it. I still don’t have a new debit card to use, and you guys have the nerve to say it takes TWO WHOLE WEEKS to receive them. And there’s no option to EXPEDITE them. Get it together, you should be offering the expedite for free for all the mess you guys caused! Never have I ever seen anything like this in my life! I have things I need my debit card for, what banks take that long to get cards? I can’t believe this is my bank. Big big mistake! STAY AWAY!!!!! they will steal your money also. They tried to steal $500 from me and tried to confuse me like the money was already in my savings! If I wasn’t paying attention they would’ve had that money and I never would have got a refund. I’m thankful for the woman finding and fixing the mistake. But please stay far far away.
February 9, 2021

Review StarsReview StarsReview StarsReview StarsReview Stars
I have been a customer with CommonWealth One for several years now and never had an issue until recently. Recently we had a payment that showed late due to all the issues the mail. This payment was set up on bill pay and never changed since the start of the loan. Customer service was not willing to negotiate the late payment fee even though we had never had an issue with the payment in the past. I had recently had thought about moving all of my banking to CommonWealth One, I have now realized this is not a bank that looks out for their customers and would not recommend this Bank.
John Flahive
November 11, 2020

Review StarsReview StarsReview StarsReview StarsReview Stars
-1 Stars!!!
I have locked out of my online account.
I called the number listed and there isn't anyone available to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CommonWealth One FCU savings products available include Regular Share Savings, Individual Retirement Accounts / IRAs, Money Market, and Share Certificates / CDs.

Where can I find the login for Online Banking?
Account Access through online banking is available at CommonWealth One FCU login.

Is CommonWealth One FCU Mobile Banking available?
A mobile app is available for your iOS or Android smartphone. With help getting started with the mobile banking app, visit their website.

Are CommonWealth One FCU Auto Loans available?
Car/Truck/SUV loans are offered at competitive rates and terms. Full details available online on the website. Contact this location for a loan application or to ask about pre-approval, or payment/payoff address. Calculate Auto Loan amount with the easy online calculator.

How can I apply for a CommonWealth One FCU Credit Card?
The credit union does offer credit cards to members. To get more information, application, current rates, and to apply for a credit card, go to the website. Calculate the credit card payoff months or payment for your current card.

Are Credit Builder Loans Available?
Loans to help rebuild or establish credit are available to members. Get more details at the website.

Customer Service
Needing personal assistance from the credit union? Contact the CU from the website or call the contact number at (703) 823-5211.

What is the routing number for CommonWealth One FCU?
Get the routing number, assets, loans, and other financial information.

Is CommonWealth One FCU Down?

Service Status

Is CommonWealth One FCU down? Check conditions of various services from the credit union. You can also report a problem if you are experiencing an outage of one of the credit union's services. You can report downtime with virtual services, like website, online banking, and mobile app as well as traditional services for this specific Main Office location, including telephone, ATM, and the branch's physical availability.

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