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Millennials Reject Big Banks, Embrace Credit Unions

Millennials continue to elude many financial institutions as a new survey by Accenture shows consumers ages 18 to 34 are turning their backs on... MORE

Why Are CDFI Credit Unions Vital to the Economy?

Community development financial institution (CDFI) numbers have ripened in recent years, increasing 28% from 2013 to 2014, which may have a positive... MORE

Credit Unions Getting Back to the Heart of the Holidays

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the holiday season is nearly upon us. For many, this is a time to build traditions, create memories, and reconnect with... MORE

Credit Cards 101: Get the Most From Your Credit Union Credit Card

From fees and high interest rates to buying more than you can afford, Americans are giving their credit cards more of a workout than ever. Visa recently polled... MORE

GTE Financial Credit Union Goes 3-D

Meeting that need of urgency and convenience is GTE’s newest 3-D online banking innovation. The technology offers: After registering and creating... MORE

Groundbreaking Technology May Save the Credit Union Industry

During last month’s National Directors Roundtable Conference, National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Board Chairman Debbie Matz delivered a stern... MORE

House Hunt in the Summer, Purchase in the Fall

Even though November has sprung, it isn’t too late to get in on the hottest home buying season. Recently announced as being the best month to buy... MORE

Money Tips: Celebrate Halloween for Less

Trick or treat! These 3 words will be echoing throughout neighborhoods nationwide in less than a week. Are you prepared for the spooky celebrations... MORE

Credit Unions Historically Throw 'Killer' Halloween Campaigns

Credit union members have typically enjoyed some of the most creative Halloween-based promotions and campaigns and most likely 2015 won’t disappoint... MORE

Credit Unions Worldwide Celebrate International Credit Union Day 2015

On October 15, 2015, credit unions and their members across the globe will unite to celebrate International Credit Union Day, an event meant to... MORE

Credit Unions Helping Members Shred and Protect This Fall

As the seasons change and you tackle the task of “Autumnizing” your home, one way to get started is with an annual Fall clean-up... MORE

Class of 2015 Graduates Enter the Workforce with Most Debt Ever

With college tuition prices skyrocketing and student loan debt at an all time high, students must be hyper vigilant to avoid piling... MORE

How to Autumnize Your Home this Season

Autumn is falling, and in more ways than one. Just open your eyes and nose, and you're sure to be delighted with all that the... MORE

Biggest Financial Secret Revealed: Credit Unions Do Mortgages

Perhaps not the biggest secret around, but Nanette Graviet, vice president of public relations, marketing and public relations at... MORE

Credit Unions Offer Back-to-School Aid for Communities

As the summertime slowly but surely comes to an end, many families are enjoying these last sunny, carefree days soaking up the... MORE

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