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A Look at 2010 Hybrid Cars

A Look at 2010 Hybrid Cars

How much do you spend on gasoline per year? If you hang on to those receipts from the gas station, you might be surprised. If you are looking at buying a new car within the next year, have you considered a 2010 hybrid car? You can save well over 30% on your annual gasoline expense. The prices of some models are more affordable than in past years.

Purchasing a hybrid will allow you to commute to work everyday while reducing your carbon footprint with a new 2010 hybrid car. There are of course pros and cons with hybrids. Most hybrid vehicles are smaller, so your space for hauling items from the store is reduced, but if you live in a two-car household, then a hybrid could be a perfect choice. We provide a brief overview of some of the upcoming and newest 2010 hybrid cars available for American car buyers who want to help save the planet by driving green. Compare cost, mileage, and passenger space from the list below, which is in order of affordability.

2010 Honda Insight Hybrid

Base Price: $19,800 (plus $710 destination charge and options)
Mileage: 40 mpg City / 43 mpg Highway
Seating: Five passengers

2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid

Base Price: $22,000 (plus $750 processing and handling fee)
Mileage: 51 mpg City / 48 mpg Highway
Seating: Five passengers

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid

Base Price: $27,270 (plus $725 destination/delivery charge)
Mileage: 39 mpg City / 37 mpg Highway
Seating: Five passengers

2010 Lexus HS Hybrid

Base Price: $34,200 (plus $875 processing and handling fee)
Mileage: 35 mpg City / 34 mpg Highway
Seating: Five passengers Whichever hybrid you choose, make sure you visit your friendly local credit union for an auto loan before visiting the auto dealer. Try out our Auto Loan Calculator to estimate how much your car payments might cost you each month. By getting your auto loan pre-approved at your credit union, you can walk into a dealer's showroom knowing how much your new car will cost you each month.

by Staff Writer
Published August 31, 2009
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