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Credit Card Issuers Likely To Exploit Loopholes Left Open By New Law

Credit Card Issuers Likely To Exploit Loopholes Left Open By New Law

Now that the credit card reform bill has passed through both houses of Congress, the bill is on its' way to the President's desk. The fees that credit card issuers rake in from consumers with below average credit, bills paid late, balances exceeding credit limit, or any of another dozen possible fees will be reduced or eliminated. Credit card issuers have stockholders and need to continue to generate revenue, so look out for new fees, increased fees, and reduced benefits. The credit card business is about to change forever. While the recently-passed bill may address many issues that credit cardholders complain about, there are plenty of loopholes for credit card issuers to take advantage of to increase fees on people who regularly use them - even if those people pay off their card every month. In the meantime, expect your credit card interest rate to go up prior to the law going into effect.

Some possible loopholes that may increase your costs:

Whether you have a credit card from your local credit union or some big bank in another state, your terms will change with the passage of the new law. If you have any questions about new terms, once they are issued, call the number on your statement for any clarifications.

So, what are you options?

No matter what loopholes credit card issuers exploit, the ones who suffer will likely be the consumers who continue to use their credit cards. While credit cards are an amazing convenience, the best way to avoid any fees from credit card issuers is to simply stop using credit cards.

by Staff Writer
Published May 20, 2009
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