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Debit Card Use Higher Than Credit Card Use in 2008

Debit Card Use Higher Than Credit Card Use in 2008

According to VISA, US consumers spent more using their debit cards compared to credit cards in 2008. This change may reflect consumers' desire to reduce or prevent credit card debt. This is a tremendous shift in consumer behavior as consumer debt weighs on many peoples' minds in uncertain economic times, job layoffs, and uncertainty on the road to economic recovery. Debit card transactions have many benefits over credit card use, although the protections for consumers is different for each type of card. You should check with your credit union if you are unsure about the benefits and potential disadvantages of debit card use.

Debit Card Advantages

Debit Card Disadvantages

However you choose to pay for your purchases, be aware of any potential fees or charges. Cash still works great and is guaranteed to incur no extra fees to consumers.

by Staff Writer
Published June 28, 2009
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