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Staycations: The Relaxing and Affordable Alternative to Vacations

Staycations: The Relaxing and Affordable Alternative to Vacations

Staycations are an increasingly popular trend away from traditional vacations due to the increased cost of traveling and the economy. So what is a staycation? A staycation is just like a vacation, but you remain at home or in your immediate area for local adventures. All of those area attractions in your own state or city become prime locations for day trips. Whether you go hiking, shopping in an historic district, or just go for a drive, a staycation lets you take time away from work or school without the costs and stress of long far away trips. Costs are minimized since lodging expenses are not a factor in your budget.

Gasoline and restaurants will likely be your biggest expenses, compared to a traditional vacation that includes airfare, hotel, taxis, along with the inconvenience of security screening. You are unlikely to wait in any security lines when you go for a hike! Another benefit to staycations is the economic support of your local economy. When you stay in your local area, you support local merchants. Historic districts are typically a place we take relatives who are visiting, but residents can enjoy them as well. Some experts suggest to not inform your employer you are staying in the area or they might be tempted to call on you for something "urgent." After all, the purpose of a staycation is the same as a vacation. You still want to relax and reduce stress, not work.

by Staff Writer
Published July 8, 2009
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