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Every Day Is Bank Transfer Day For Credit Unions Throughout the Country

Every Day Is Bank Transfer Day For Credit Unions Throughout the Country

If Bank Transfer Day were a holiday, now is the time to put on your party hat and kick up your heels.

Credit unions across the country are reveling in the newly trademarked, “Every Day is Bank Transfer Day” mantra by adding this slogan to their marketing materials, making t-shirts and integrating it into everyday member interactions.

Spearheading the idea to trademark this slogan was Troy Hall, COO at South Carolina Federal Credit Union ($1.3 billion, Charleston, SC).  Hall has been meeting with credit unions throughout the country to spread the word that everyday truly is bank transfer day and to not lose sight of the rallying cry heralded last year.

“The movement is not one day or one event, it’s an ongoing movement and reminder to both credit unions and members that Every Day is Bank Transfer Day™,” explains Jessica Jackson, VP/Corporate Communications.

She says that social media marvel, IWearYourShirt recently hopped on the Bank Transfer Day bandwagon by wearing t-shirts donning the message and by creating a string of humorous YouTube videos.

Jackson says that the IWearYourShirt team promotes a different organization every week using social media. They wear the organization’s t-shirts, make fun videos and take photos, all in an effort to get the organization’s name out there.  Currently Every Day Is Bank Transfer Day has been the company’s focus.

“With Thursday being International Credit Union Day the IWearYourShirt team has been wearing our trademarked shirt to draw more attention to the movement.”

How Can My Credit Union Get Involved?

Jackson says that just by mentioning the slogan to the membership in a variety of ways can keep the movement in front of both current and prospective members.

“For example, on Saturday we hosted a shred event, just like what a lot of financial institutions typically hold,” Jackson says. “We hadn’t had one in a while and decided to host it at our newest branch location.  We held the day on the branch’s one year anniversary that included a shred truck, a local radio station was there doing a live remote and we invited a local gourmet popsicle company, The King of Pops to hand out free popsicles. During the day we tied Every Day is Bank Transfer Day to the shred event.”

She says that the logo is also stamped on the credit union’s 2013 calendar, which has historically been extremely popular with the membership. “It’s important to incorporate the message on all the collateral and advertising as reinforcement.”

Jackson adds that she’s talked to other credit unions nationwide where employees created their own Every Day Is Bank Transfer Day t-shirts or adopted signage to use along with other promotions.

“One credit union in New Jersey does a considerable amount of advertising with the New York Yankees.  I heard that they were saying that Every Day Is Bank Transfer Day during radio spots during the games.”

On an individual level, Jackson says that members and credit union movement supporters can simply enjoy and share the videos developed by IWearYourShirt on social media.  “Share the message on social media with friends and family or come to our blog and tell us why you bank with us.  The real effort is spreading the message and keeping the movement alive.”

Bank Transfer Day--Almost One Year Later

Earlier this month, Philadelphia Weekly (PW) spoke with Kristen Christian, founder and driving force behind last year’s Bank Transfer Day movement.

PW asked Christian about her perspective of how consumers view banks today versus one year ago.  “Considering I set out with the intention of reaching less than 500 people in my social circle, I was floored to read in American Banker recently that six million American consumers have changed the way they bank. Although many banks have since attempted to portray their policies as friendly to small businesses and families, I’ve yet to see any significant change in the policies themselves. Bank of America re-established the $5 monthly fee for debit-card access after November [2011], illustrating that a promise to terminate the policy just before Bank Transfer Day was little more than a PR stunt.”

As more credit unions add Every Day is Bank Transfer Day to their overall brand and approach, Christian told PW that social media could play a very powerful role when it comes to changing consumer attitudes.

“This social re-awakening has extended beyond banks or even businesses and straight into politics. While current candidates are speaking of cooperation, political science professors are teaching future generations of politicians and campaign advisors about the benefits of social media. If one person can influence change of this magnitude with a laptop and $10, it’s safe to say a candidate could run a successful campaign through private donations and an army of volunteers who believe in their cause.”

Thousands have already moved their money--have you? Find a credit union and make TODAY Bank Transfer Day.

By Gina Ragusa
Published October 19, 2012
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