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Navy Federal Credit Union: Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

Navy Federal Credit Union: Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

Every credit union is special in that each one works to provide affordable financial solutions and valuable education for its members while also helping the local community in meaningful ways. Navy Federal Credit Union (Vienna, VA) is extra special because it does all of this for some of our nation’s bravest, most important, hardworking, dedicated, and giving individuals – the military and their families. Whether they are seasoned veterans or new recruits, Navy Federal values every member’s service and honors it by offering exceptionally low rates, loan discounts, and other products, services, and special resources that help to make busy military life a bit simpler.

The credit union's membership is open to Department of Defense personnel including all branches of the military (Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force), civilian contractors, and their families. It’s regulated, chartered and federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Service, Commitment and Integrity Since 1933

Service, commitment, and integrity have been Navy Federal’s guiding principles since its inception nearly 8 decades ago. The credit union was established in 1933 with only seven members. “Almost 80 years later, that membership has grown to four million members, 9,000 employees, and over $49 billion in assets,” says Jeanette Mack, Manager, Corporate Communications. This is a testament to the credit union’s world-class service and commitment to their vision, which states “Navy Federal Credit Union will perform with such excellence that all present and potential members will choose Navy Federal as the preferred source for their primary, lifetime financial services.”

Navy Federal also offers superior convenience, which is the inspiration for their motto, We Serve Where You Serve. By providing access 24/7 via telephone, mobile banking services, over 50,000 surcharge-free ATMs, and 222 branches worldwide (many of which are located on or near military bases) Navy Federal is always striving to “lighten the load” for their members.

An Award-Winning Workplace

Navy Federal is not only a great place to belong but also one of the best places to work. Throughout the years, the credit union has received a number of accolades and awards not only for their employee programs. Some recent ones include:

Community Service, Military-Style

Staying consistent with their mission, Navy Federal’s community initiatives are specifically geared toward those who serve. “Navy Federal participates in numerous community events that benefit active duty military, their families, and their communities,” explains Mack. These include Relay for Life, Rebuilding Together, Vienna/Tysons Chamber, Cherry Blossom Festival, and more. They also take part in the Army Ten Miler, Marine Corps Marathon, and Spartan Race, among many others. Mack says that the credit union receives a lot of positive comments and inquiries about future events from their members and many of these events are on their plan for annual participation.

People Helping People Helping People

“People Helping People” is not only at the heart of the credit union movement, but is also the epitome of the armed forces. Service men and women are dedicated to helping fellow citizens by the very nature of their job. So, in a sense, Navy Federal is helping those that help others. In this way, Navy Federal hosts many local events at their 222 branches worldwide to share information that will benefit their members. Financial events include home buying, retirement series, savings tips, and investments. “We strive to be available and accessible in a wide variety of ways to be there for our members when needed,” says Mack.

In addition, Navy Federal is committed to serving the underserved as the young enlisted serviceman's and servicewoman's friend and partner. The credit union is proud to be able to offer lower rate loans to members with all types of credit. “Many come to us for their first car, home and credit card, and it's because we do what other lenders can't or won't do - we strive to extend the right products and services to help them achieve their financial goals,” explains Mack. Providing members with financial literacy is also a priority for them. “We have produced a site called Home Center geared towards educating first time home buyers and helping them get pre-approved easily; we also offer free personal finance counseling and literature about financial literacy programs geared toward enlisted military,” adds Mack.

All in all Navy Federal strives to be good, contributing neighbors to the communities they serve, which is what makes their branch network so important to them. “We want to be an integral part of the military community by providing financial seminars, job fairs, and corporate contributions to charitable organizations,” says Mack.

In times of need, Navy Federal stands alert and prepared to support its members. “When the government threatened to shut down, we responded by guaranteeing pay to our Active Duty members…what sets us apart as a credit union is that we try to do the right thing at all times for our members,” contends Mack.

For more information on Navy Federal Credit Union visit their website or find a credit union near you and join today!

By Cyndi Cohen
Published August 16, 2012
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