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GTE Financial Credit Union Goes 3-D

GTE Financial Credit Union Goes 3-D

Previously we talked about credit unions working to attract more millenials. Another credit union reaching millennials is GTE Financial Credit Union (Tampa, FL).

Shannon Wilde, enterprise marketing project manager for GTE Financial addresses the distinct division between the 40 and 20-something members.

“In my opinion, the distinction between 40-something members and those in their 20's is that millennials have more of an urgency to obtain their information quickly and conveniently,” Wilde says.

Meeting that need of urgency and convenience is GTE’s newest 3-D online banking innovation. The technology offers:

“GTE 3D allows millennials to chat with employees live in the system to answer their product specific questions,” Wilde says. “For instance, if a millennial is interested in buying a car, or even a home, they can get all of their questions answered on the spot without having to travel to a Community Financial Center. You can apply for a home loan in your pajamas!”

There is also the element of customization and fun that is really appealing to millennials, Wild adds. “You are able to enter GTE 3D and create an avatar that looks like you. You can choose your clothing, hairstyle, and profile picture to your liking. I think millennials love the fact that GTE 3D doesn't look like any other virtual space. It looks like their credit union, down to the carpet, furniture, and the view of Tampa Bay out on the GTE 3D terrace.”

By Gina Ragusa
Published November 9, 2015
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